Corman Technologies

Corman Technologies: Intelligent Systems

We develop intelligent applications for the medical, scientific and business communities

Our work includes such areas as: Data Analytics, Machine Learning, HL7 messaging, Arden Syntax and rules engines, and customized order processing

Intelligent Systems

Our software leverages state of the art AI techniques: including rule-based systems, machine learning, domain-specific languages, compilers, visualization, neural networks and genetic algorithms

Allscripts Clinical Decision Support
"Most intelligent EMR in the market"

Inquire Project
"an intelligent textbook that answers students' questions"

ScienceXperts CytoGenie
"a knowledge-based software tool that simplifies the design of flow cytometry experiments"


Data Analytics

Huge data set collection and analysis, visualization, outcomes analysis, historic reconstruction

Enterprise Application Monitor

"Monitoring and Analyzing usage data for Enterprise Applications"

"Reach across 100M+ contacts with sophisticated targeting criteria that delivers fresh, accurate and relevant leads with highest deliverability rates"


Medical Informatics

Support the best patient outcomes by providing physicians with the best tools, and pro-active analytics

Health Level Seven: Arden Syntax
"An international standard for representing and sharing clinical knowledge"

California Health Care Foundation: ELINCS
"The National Lab Data Standard for Electronic Health Records"

California Clinical Data Project: CALINX Standards
"Improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care by promoting the integration of clinical data at the point of care"


Our Clients. We're among the industry leaders.

Our clients include world leaders in the medical and scientific communities. Here are a few selected examples of projects we've worked on. Check out a more extensive collection of our clients to see some of the other interesting projects we've been involved with.


California Health Care Foundation


Stanford Medicine Center for Biomedical Informatics Research


The world-renowned Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International.


Allscripts: a world leader in Healthcare IT

Our Technologies. We're experts.

Corman Technologies has developed and owns a library of proprietary system components. These consist of source code, object libraries, and software tools which allow us to build complex systems, quickly, for our clients.

We have attracted clients who are leaders in the field of medical software technology, who appreciate the capabilities we can offer. When we use our proprietary tools or objects to develop systems for clients we typically grant an unlimited, royalty-free use of those components within the client applications. Our clients agree that everyone wins in this situation. We are able to build complex applications quickly and reliably, by leveraging work that has already been done.


Our Services. We're here for you.

We offer software development services to our clients, which includes:

Developing new technologies and applications which meet clients unique needs

Modifying and packaging Corman-owned technology to create solutions for clients

Working with client software development teams

Providing software development advice to clients

Software roles we can perform include:

Product Specification

Requirements Analysis

Software Architect

Software Designer

Software Engineer




Our History. We're well established.

Corman Technologies began developing technologies and tools for software developers in the late 1980s. In 1993, a number of these technologies were released as part of a commercial package for the Macintosh, called PowerLisp. This package included a common lisp code compiler, interpreter, assemblers, text editor, and a variety of libraries useful for building rules engines and dynamic languages.

In 1995, both Roger and Frances Corman were employed to bring some of these technologies to a product called CareVISION, which was being developed by HealthVISION Corp. This product included a suite of applications and tools, including an EHR system that was well ahead of its time, a rules engine using rules written in Arden Syntax, and HL7 interfaces to provide connectivity to lab systems, ADT systems, pharmacy systems etc. PowerLisp technology was incorporated into CareVISION to build the rules engine, and PowerLisp parsing technology was used to build the HL7 message parser and message generation modules. HealthVISION was acquired by Eclipsys in 1999 and CareVISION was renamed Sunrise Clinical Manager, which became the core product of Eclipsys Sunrise.

Roger and Frances Corman were involved with the development of Eclipsys Sunrise for a combined total of nearly 20 years. We performed such roles as software architecture, software design, lead engineer, senior technical staff, and manager of Eclipsys product documentation. We developed the clinical decision support rules engine, MLM parser and runtime engine, HL7 message parser and generator, product documentation for HL7 Interfaces and product documentation for clincal decision support, among other things. Corman Technologies continues to assist with Eclipsys Sunrise development.

Beginning in the early 1990s Corman Technologies released a Microsoft Windows version of PowerLisp, called Corman Lisp, which in many ways surpassed other common lisp development packages. Corman Lisp is still being developed and maintained by Corman Technologies, and it it serves as a key technology tool for Corman Technologies internal use. Many of our medical technologies begin by common lisp prototyping, or derive from packages developed and released initially with Corman Lisp.

The primary focus of Corman Technologies is creating software and performing software development services for software companies in the medical industry. Beginning in 2006, we have begun doing software consulting and development for medical institutions directly. Products such as Eclipsys Sunrise afford customers great capabilities to increase their functionality through such methods as medical rules development, custom plug-ins, and user interface modifications. Corman Technologies recognizes that there are not many companies which have the background and skills that we offer, in terms of rapid development, medical software experience, database expertise, and broad platform experience.


Our Team.

Roger Corman

Roger Corman

Roger is the President and Co-Founder of Corman Technologies. From message parsing and compilers, to image processing, medical informatics and AI, Roger's experience and expertise span a wide range of fields and technologies.

At Corman Technologies, Roger serves as a technical consultant for a variety of clients, including SRI International, Allscripts, California Health Care Foundation, Stanford Medical School, and ScienceXperts. Working with Allscripts, he developed what is considered to be the most advanced clinical decision support system in the industry for Allscripts Sunrise Acute Care. As lead engineer for the AURA system and Project Halo, Roger worked with SRI International and Vulcan to develop Common Lisp server-side technologies to support knowledge representation of fundamental biology concepts and reasoning about biology topics. He is also the creator of Corman Lisp, the widely used Common Lisp compiler and development environment.

Frances Corman

Frances Corman

Frances is Co-Founder and CFO of Corman Technologies. She is an experienced entrepreneur, having co-founded three successful companies.

As CFO and Manager of Operations at Corman Technologies, Frances develops business relationships and negotiates contracts and terms. She also oversees and manages the technical writing, bookkeeping, accounting staff, and overall company operations. With over 20 years of management experience in the software industry, Frances has extensive management and technical expertise. She has previously served as Manager of Technical Documentation, Manager of Documentation and Quality Assurance, and Director of Product and Customer Support, and has documented and tested HL7 Interfaces, Multum Drug Database, Clinical Decision Support, Arden Syntax Extensions, Sunrise Clinical Manager CPR, and McGhan Medical Plastic Surgery Imaging software.

Ethan Stone

Ethan Stone

Ethan is a lead engineer and architect at Corman Technologies. He is a highly skilled software engineer with over ten years experience developing software for the scientific and medical communities.

At Corman Technologies, Ethan is a full-stack developer. From UI design and mobile code to backend and down into the database he does it. Ethan has served as a technical consultant to a variety of clients including the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International, California Health Care Foundation, Stanford School of Medicine, ScienceXperts, and Allscripts. Ethan has also worked to develop and maintain our own core products, and application analytics tools which are currently running and collecting millions of data points at some of the country's top hospitals. Ethan holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Sonoma State University and a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Emmett Corman

Emmett Corman

Emmett is a Software Engineer at Corman Technologies. He excels at iOS Development, and has experience with technical support and as a QA Engineer.

Emmett is an expert iOS Developer at Corman Technologies, and has experience with all aspects of the mobile development life-cycle. He also has experience with Software QA. Prior to Corman Technologies, he worked as an Audio Post-Prodection Engineer providing sound editing, sound design, mixing, and recording, for TV, film, and commercial projects. Emmett graduated from the Expression College sound program with knowledge in studio recording, live sound engineering, audio post-production, electronics, and music theory.